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Unimpeded marine life of disabled people…

To leave a livable world for future generations; USTAOŠLU YACHT & SHIP BUILDING INDUSTRY which displays ethical and sensitive behaviours taking into account the preferences of all customers to provide quality and safe products; to develop their own interests and to protect the general interests of the society as well as to perform actions, our shipyard has predicated on social benefit for all projects to find a solution, improving and developing the common problems of the society and the primary goals in achieving social justice within the scope of Social Responsibility Projects.
In this context; this project has been started to be built in April 2011 at our shipyard and put the project into effect by the Designer Architect Hacż Mehmet Hekim taking into consideration of handicapped successful businessman Tunē Tonger's requirements, with the thought that this vessel project has infrastructure designed also for the disabled young people that aims to help them participate in marine life as much as other people.

Our project is designed for the people who are defined in society as handicapped either for congenital reasons or due to a disease or an accident.

In order to clear the general "what would they lose if they didn't do that anyway?" approach, it was a sufficient requirement for commencement of our project to enable the handicapped to travel comfortable on vessels of smaller scale and enjoy a free and smooth marine experience thanks to the systems designed without any obstruction of marine life and in the sequel, Ustaošlu Shipyard has conducted all implementation works of the project with great precision and was launched and sailed successfully.

In order to get detailed information about the project, to view the pictures and videos, please click on the following link !!!